The ultimate list of Microsoft Security portals.

In addition to being a software vendor, Microsoft is the unknown leader in cybersecurity. The M365 bundles from Microsoft include a complete package of tooling to safeguard “Identities” and “Computers”.

Many traditional security products are not required anymore.
The M365 bundles have the modern version of the security product integrated within. Organizations can achieve significant savings by taking advantage of the functionality within their M365 licenses. 

overview M365 security

Setting up and using Azure Sentinel requires some training. The other products are relatively straightforward. The collaboration among Microsoft security products is outstanding.

The different portals:

Microsoft Defender (for end Endpoint)Security center
Microsoft Defender for office365
Microsoft 365 admin center
Microsoft 365 admin center
Microsoft 365 compliance center
Office365 Security & comopliance center
Cloud App Discovery
Cloud App Security
Azur Sentinel
Azure Security Center
Azure Active Directory
Azure Active Directory
Microsoft Defender for Identity
Azure AD Identity Protection
Azure  AD Identity Protection (Free version)
Azure information protection (unified labeling)

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