About Me

I’m a highly engaged IT professional who can deliver suitable IT solutions based on various IT infrastructure techniques. All along, keeping a clear focus on the security aspect of IT.
Has a successful 8+ year track record system administration and IT infrastructure projects.

Through the years, I build up a lot of IT(cyber) security architecture experience and practical solutions. I love breaking down complex issues into easy to implement solutions.

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Ivo van Ketten

One of the most satisfying aspects of my job at CSN Groep is sharing knowledge. With this knowledge about IT Infra and IT Security, I’ve helped countless organisations improve their environment. Not only from a technical perspective. Helping to create awareness is one of the things I strive for. This is by far more difficult than the technical question I receive and have to deal with.

With these blogs, I hope to make your life as a sysadmin or security practitioner/specialist easier by sharing my knowledge even further. I hope you find the short and practical blogs useful. Most of the blog will contain practical use cases with Microsoft and/or Fortinet security products. I also work a lot with Cato Networks. This is one of the best SASE platforms.

If you have any questions, reach out to me at ask-me@ivo-security.blog. Please note that I only speak Dutch and English.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram @lol.it.rofl for your daily dose of IT humor.